Why Choose Eyewatch?

Since 2009, Eyewatch Protection Services has catered to a diverse range of customers both residential and commercial.

We undertand that each client is unique and needs vary from one customer to another.

In a nutshell, we offer bespoke security solutions, outstanding customer care and cost-effective services, all with a proven track-record of excellence.

Our Mission.

Providing safe and secure environments through honest engagement and respect for people.

Our Vision.

To be the provider of choice across East Africa and create possibilities globally that aims to offer quality as well as satisfying professional security consultancy, investigative and training services.

Our Services.


Fraud Investigations.

Systematic, minute and thorough fact-finding investigations led by our very well traained investigators.



We provide a security procedure specification to implement best practice for security within your organisation and also oversight to your already existing security practices either on an agreeable retainer or need basis.



We aid organisations in decision making on matters of joint ventures, investments, mergers or acquisitions. We also provide discrete and professional tracing services.


Background checks & screening.

Organizations should have a process to verify job application information on all new employees, existing employees as well as business partners or suppliers.



CCTV solutions reduce crime and provide a valuable record of key events for investigative purposes, providing 24/7 surveillance with remote viewing access so you can see what is happening in your business anytime.


Family-related Investigations.

We provide our services in both the pre and post matrimonial verifications i.e alliance verification and after marriage problems such as adultery, bigamy etc.



We provide the Scientific Investigation Services in the cases such as Verification of Document in order to find out its authenticity.


Carpark Management.

We offer a free site survey, erection & maintenance of warning signs, regular random patrols, 24 hour callout service, wheel clamping and tow-away services.



Corporate organizations, NGO’s, Educational & Financial institutions need to educate users and employees regarding their security roles and responsibilities. Training should support security awareness and strengthen compliance with security policies, standards, and procedures.


Front-office Services.

Our specially trained customer service security operatives will man your front desk and be your first line of defence away from the external threats.

Benefits of our solutions.

Eyewatch is a value added integrator of a wide array of solutions, combining expertise in solution design with access to technology from the best security brands. Eyewatch takes a keen approach to security that helps keep life and property out of harm’s way.

The benefits of Eyewatch solutions are enhanced security and safety ensured by our accessible, cost-effective and time saving services.